Navis Mysterium Exclusive


 Even the old Greeks stored their wine in amphoras (amphorae vinarie). Exactly those amphoras are the ones mostly found in the Adriatic Sea. Wine amphoras were elongated, with a thin layer of resin coated on the inside. That resin coating protected the wine and gave it a specific and noble pinewood aroma.
Thousands of years later, a group of young wine enthusiasts go back to the roots. They give back the wine to the sea that will find its way to your table after couple of months of aging with sea organisms.
After it has been bottled and placed in a terracotta amphora, it is sunken to the depth of 18–25 meters. All of them are perfectly stored, laid on its cork and scattered on several locations of Pelješac aquatorium. It ages in bottles for three months, and later on in the sea for one to two years.
The result is perfect thermal conditions, creating a beautiful layer of shells, corrals and algae. The wine does not lose any of the aroma, quality or color. Natural cooling in ideal conditions and a perfect silence improved the quality. Try it and see it yourself. Bring home an unique souvenir from the depths of the Adriatic sea.

The price of the wine with the amofora is 7.900,00 kuna.
The price of the wine without amfora is 1.600,00 kuna.

Please do ask our waiters, consierge or Food and Beverage manager for more information.