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Chef's table



 Last year, our hotel Park, has opened the door in completely new edition, so local people  and guests can again enjoy its old charm and rich gastronomic offer.  From the very beginning, hotel`s  restaurant has been recognizable culinary destination that fosters authentic local cuisine and offers traditional dishes prepared in a modern way. For this extraordinary gastronomic experience our chef Jadran Grancic and his culinary team are responsible. Following the trends, we enter the new season with a unique culinary experience for those who primarily want to enjoy the food.

Chef's table experience is intended that guests accompanied by our Chef go to the local fish market and green market to chose from the rich variety of fresh local ingredients, for what later will become their delicious meal. 

During their walk, our Chef talks to our dear guests, meets their needs and tastes, and based on that devises creations, and hen he returnes to the hotel, depending on the wishes of the guests, prepares lunch or dinner, while guests continue to enjoy sightseeing the old town. 

Once when guests are back at the hotel, they can participate in the meal preparation or they can follow the proces while sitting on the Chef`s table which is divided with kitchen by glass door only. The ability to participate in all that is great, but, of course, depends primarily on guests whish. 

"Some guests do not want to go anywhere near the kitchen, and some will stand and watch what I do, and there are those who will take a spoon and prepare their own food. When guests have the opportunity to participate in the kitchen with the cook, that  gives birth to new ideas and comletely new food. This is the most natural way to create a dish, 'says our Chef Grancic which offers authentic Dalmatian cuisine in order to familiarize guests with the quality of our food. 'It is important that the food is not treated much in order not to lose their quality. They must be fresh from the sea and organic. So, the original ingredients of the region, fresh fish, olive oil, spices, garlic, rosemary, sage, vegetables and fruits from organic cultivation, dried figs ... We smoke and dry fish, venison & meat, we do our jams, sweets and bread, 'says Chef who finds everyday inspiration in the kitchen of his grandmother who has always used local ingredients and by doing that she achived variety of flavors which are enchanting. "I spent a lot of time in her kitchen, I loved to help her and watch her cook. The taste of her dishes I can feel, scent  even today! Whenever I prepare something, I think of that taste, I follow it and I'm never mistaken. I was all around Europe and in the world, I have met a variety of cuisine and culture, but my grandmother's kitchen is still the one I always go back to, 'explains our Chef Jadran.

Chef`s table experience is based solely on the food and presentation of food and is ment for those guests, hedonists - food passionist, who came to enjoy the once in the lifetime gastronomy and wine experience.

 We have to mention that each course is followed by the best Croatian wines you can choose from our rescpectable Wine list which has more than 117 Croatian wines choosen by our excellent  sommelier, F&B Manager, Mr. Ivana Dodig.

Your gastronomic journey begins with us on our Chef`s table where our culinary virtuoso prepares "tailor made" plates - for your pleasure & for your eyes only