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Hotel Park is initiator of the project "Responsible Business for Clean World". The idea for the realization of this project came from Mr. Joze Tomaš, who is a General Manager in our hotel "Park". We noticed that large quantities of used soap remains after guest use and that is the waste that pollutes the environment – in case it is waste. But all this reamined soap can be recycled and exploited again. This is why we proposed this project to the President of "Network association of persons with disabilities," Mr. Ante Raos as an opportunity for self-employment and starting somewhat a new model. Since hotel Park follows the trend of introducing green business, environmental & social awareness and social responsibility we implemented this model with collecting reamins of used soap, recycling him in the soap factory and putting him back to use as a brand new product. We are proud to say taht our example was followed not only by other hoteliers in Split but also leading distributors for hotel amentied. Partners on this project are Croatian employment Service, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, Art Academy, Cultural Centre Zlatna vrata, Rehabilitation centre Josipovac and our hotel Park. There is nothing similar to this project in the world nor in our country that is why we have decided to be initators of this socially conscious project. Primar idea developed out of necessity to preserve the environment, to collect the waste material that is generated daily and from this waste to create something new, something useful, because what for someone represents waste, to somenone else represents the value. In this case this so called waste which can be used in creating a brand new product, created much needed job opportunites for persons with reduced mobility. This project helped persons with reduced mobility build their self-confidence, integration into society and sensibilization of that same society as equally valuable members. We recognized the problem and as socially responsible company tried to help them as much as we could, so our cooperation with "Network association of persons with disabilities "resulted in the opening of the first recycled soap factory in Dalmatia. Hardworking hands of our employees in housekeeping department collect used hotel materials on daily basis and we forward it to "Network association of persons with disabilities " for further recycling. Employees of the factory perform cleaning, sterilization and recycling - preparing a new product - recycled soap "Sapo" - for the market. You can find „Sapo“ together with other branded hotel amenties as a choice in all our hotel rooms. It is never too late to be change agents and make something useful for someone who needs help. From its very inception, Hotel Park has fostered a healthy climate, supported environmental and social values. Be a part of our human story.

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