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Hotel Park has designed a unique project Responsible business cleans the world! in cooperation with the Network of Associations of Persons with Disabilities (NAPD) Dalmatia and as the result of that cooperation the first factory of recycled soap which employs 46 persons with disabilities in Europe has been opened.The total project value is 188.865,15 Eur of which the EU finances about 70%.

The idea was born from Mr Joze Tomaš – general manager in our hotel, from the need to follow trends in implementation of green business in our business in order to become more competitive worldwide but also from the need for reducing the unemployment rate, especially the less educated and hard-to-employ social groups which include persons with disabilities.
In Croatia tourism is one of the most important industries, but carries significant negative impacts on the environment. Analysis of 5 collaborative hotel showed that on an annual basis produce 5.4 tons of half-used soap that goes to waste. In addition to reducing the harmful impact on theenvironment, one of the results of this project is to improve the competitiveness of the hotel sector and a reduction in operating costs in the hotel and up to 15%. Project aims to send a strong social message and improve the sustainable social development at all levels.

Innovation and creativity of the project consists in the fact that in Europe there is no a similar operation and this project can easily be mapped and copied to any country.

The main goal is to establish a self-sustaining working center and overall objective is to increase the employability of people with disabilities, to raise public awareness, particularly the awareness of employers regarding working abilities of people with disabilities and the benefits of their employment and labor market integration.

The project represents an innovative model of circular economy, social entrepreneurship and public-private partnership unique in Europe. This establishes a small recycling plant for recycling soap from the hotel, as well as a kind of a working center to educate persons with disabilities for recycling soap and launching new products to the market, raising their employability in the open labor market, and at the same time removing the waste generated by the hotel sector as part of the response to global challenge of preserving the environment.

Since we were initiators of this project we implemented this model by collecting remains of used soap on daily basis, forwarding it in the soap factory where cleaning, sterilization and recycling is performed - preparing a new product - recycled soap "Sapo" for the market. You can find „Sapo“ together with other branded hotel amenities as a choice in all our hotel rooms.

Our example was followed not only by other hoteliers in Split but also leading distributors for hotel amenities.